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Our platform will curate workshops and networking opportunities that will shed light on health conditions that specifically affect our community and propose interventions that will advocate for better and more effective health care access.

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DID YOU KNOW… that climate change has some very direct impacts on our environment that ultimately affects our health?

Let’s discuss how the environment impacts our health through our life cycle – pre-conception through adulthood.  And, let’s address some lingering questions such as:

•    What are the most common health impacts?
•    Does where we live really impact how long we live?
•    What is being done from a community perspective to protect our health?
•    What can we do individually and collectively to engage and educate ourselves to ensure healthy outcomes?



2. The American Lung Association State of the Air 2022

view what your area looks like  Click Here .

3. What Climate Change Means to California  Click Here

7. The Fresno Bee – Local Impacts: 

The Fresno County Board of Supervisors decided climate change impacts are not that important to our family’s health, despite all the negative impacts we face  Click Here .

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